Release Highlights

2016 Q3/Q4
  • Create and track progress towards sales and marketing goals
  • FlightStats powered flight lists for pickup/dropoff
  • TripMate Travel Insurance Sales reporting

2016 Q2
  • Automation for pricing across multiple group sizes
  • Support for generating itinerary proposal across multiple group sizes

2016 Q1
  • Integrated budgeting for impact of commission, insurance and credit card fees
  • Inline visibility for actual revenue and expense alongside budget/forecasts

2015 Q4
  • eCheck payment support
  • Seamless presentation of Itinerary Proposals within your website
  • Customer alerts that pop when booking

2015 Q3
  • Flight schedule integration with FlightStats
  • Multiple currency and merchant account support for pricing, invoicing and payments
  • 360 degree Activity visibility for contacts, inquiries, bookings etc…

Tour Operator Software Suite

The PEAK 15 Tour Operator Management Suite provides integrated marketing, sales, trip planning, operations and accounting automation as an affordable and easy-to-implement hosted service.

At PEAK 15's core is its powerful Trip Planning & Budgeting Module. It captures critical financial and operational data that helps budget and price your trip, as well as manage both the client and vendor logistics associated with operating your trip.

PEAK 15 helps you sell by providing instant access to detailed contact profiles and trip inventory to match based on interests, budget and schedule.

Maintaining and updating contact information for all your clients and prospects is just the beginning. PEAK 15 tracks how the contact found you, when they first and last contacted you, a complete history of inquiries, mailings and bookings.

By allowing you to target your marketing investments and track effectiveness, PEAK 15 can reduce marketing costs and increase conversion.

By integrating the process of creating invoices for clients, receiving payments and making payments to vendors into the core application, PEAK 15 allows accounting to quickly review and approve transactions and then download those transactions into standard accounting packages such as QuickBooks.