Trip Planning: Itineraries, Budgeting, Ops

At PEAK 15's core is its powerful Trip Planning & Budgeting Module. It captures critical financial and operational data that helps budget and price your trip, as well as manage both the client and vendor logistics associated with operating your trip.

• Supports Scheduled/Group, Affinity/Institutional, FIT, and Extension Trip Types

• Build trips in a modular fashion

• Create multiple departures based on a trip template

• Dynamically update public website with trip description, images, brochure, departure dates, pricing and availability

• Clone trips and modify to create custom or FIT trips and departures

• Set tiered and single supplement pricing

• Produce detailed trip or departure budget with fixed, per passenger and single supplement expenses across any number of passenger tiers

• Analyze trip or departure financial performance forecasts by passenger count

• Enter payment requests against budgeted expenses and associated provider

• Analyze budgeted vs. actual expenses

• Make and manage reservations with lodging, transportation or activity providers used on a trip or departure